Dental Membership Plan

Child Complete

13 and younger
$ 32
2 Professional Cleanings
2 Regular Exams
1 Fluoride Treatment
Routine X-Rays
1 Emergency Exam

Adult Complete

14 and older
$ 32
2 Professional Cleanings
2 Regular Exams
2 Oral Screenings
Routine X-Rays
1 Emergency Exam

Some folks never go to the dentist due to dental anxiety. They fear that they may experience pain or discomfort or they fear they’ll be diagnosed with something serious. While some are terrified of the dental experience others fear the price tag more. Studies have shown that one of the top three reasons that adults don’t go to the dentist include the fear of the price. But it doesn’t have to be that way…


A Better Way

Have you ever heard of something called a dental membership plan? A dental membership plan is a way to remove the stress and complexities of your dental bill. In place of paying full price for most preventative measures and dental treatments, you could pay a small monthly fee and enjoy almost all the benefits of good oral health care.


How Can a Dental Membership Plan Benefit Me?

Each plan can be adjusted and customized to be exactly what you and your family need. You can receive discounted dental care, it will allow you to be free from deductibles, and it will allow for more transparency when it comes to the prices of things. Sometimes dental costs can feel complicated but a dental membership can help simplify the process and create an easier situation. Say goodbye to old way of doing things, the dental membership will make your life so much easier.


Kleer Dental Membership Plan

At Lakeland Family Dentistry, we are proud to use Kleer. Kleer is a dental membership service that helps make your membership creation and experience a complete and total breeze. You can set up an account in less than 2 minutes, manage your dental plan from your phone, and receive more quality dental care than ever before!

A Kleer dental membership plan will help benefit your life, your health, and your bank account. If you’d like to learn more, call our office today!


1. Our membership Plan provides the professional oral care you want at an affordable price!

By offering the plan directly to you, we remove the cost and hassle of a middleman.We keep it simple, pass the savings to you, and focus on your oral care.

    • Benefits start immediately.  Join today, save today!
    • Includes cleanings, exams & routine x-rays at no extra cost.
    • Provides exclusive discounts off other procedures (like fillings).
    • Includes 100% price transparency.
    • There are no deductibles, annual maximums or pre-approvals.
    • Membership runs for 12 months from the date you join.


2.  Our care plans are customized for YOU and include preventative care at no additional cost.


3.  Plus, each care plan includes these additional benefits:

Treatment savings – Save up to 15% discount off procedures completed at our practice (like fillings).


4.  How do I purchase a plan?

Enter office code JN5W at OR point your camera at this image.

Then follow the instructions.  Yes, it’s that easy!



5.  What else should I know?

  • Our membership plan is not insurance and is not a qualified health plan under the Affordable Care Act.
  • Our membership plan includes a 30-day money back guarantee.  You can receive a full refund up to 30 days after you purchase if no benefits of the plan have been used.  Refunds after 30 days will be at the discretion of our practice.
  • Payment for any treatment(s) not included in the membership plan is due at the time of service.
  • The membership plan benefits may not be combined with insurance, other offers or discounts.
  • Our membership plan does not cover the following procedures completed at our practice:
    • Orthodontics such as comprehensive orthodontic treatment
    • Appliance Therapy (CDT Code D8000 – D8999)
  • Our membership plan does not cover procedures completed by specialists outside our practice.