Dental Crowns

Do your teeth need to be restored or fixed due to some dental damage? If your teeth are decaying, stained, or even cracked, we have options available to fix that. And with the latest dental technology, we will be able to help repair your teeth faster and better than ever before.


All About Dental Crowns

Perhaps one of the most common ways to repair your dental problems is with a dental crown. These are a cap made of strong materials to help restore a good dental shape and good dental strength to your tooth. They are molded and formed perfectly for your mouth and feel like a regular tooth.

Dental Crowns Can Repair…

Dental crowns can fix a wide variety of problems. They can make your teeth look whiter, provide a nicer shape, and cover and protect sensitive or damaged areas. They can help repair problems that were caused by grinding your teeth or dental decay.


The Procedure and Process

Once a detailed mold or three-dimensional digital scan is taken of your tooth (or teeth) then the dentists can send for a crown to made just for you. When the crown is placed, the tooth will be cleaned and any damaged bits will be removed. Once the specialized crown is completed then it will be glued to your natural tooth and you’ll be all set.


Will Dental Crowns Last?

If you are dedicated to caring for your crown then you could get it to last you a whole fifteen years. Just like your natural teeth, the crown needs to be brushed and flossed as well as checked on by a dental health care professional regularly.

If your tooth is damaged and in need of repair, consider how dental crowns from your local Flowood Dentist could help fix it! If you have questions or would like to know more about crowns and how they could benefit your life, give us a call today!