Clear Orthodontics

We are very pleased to provide clear aligners here at Lakeland Family Dentistry in Flowood, MS. Our invisible orthodontic treatments can straighten your teeth in as little as 9 months. Aligners can correct many dental problems, such as overcrowding, overbite, underbite, crossbite, and widely spaced teeth.

With 3-D computer imaging, a complete plan is provided from the current status of your teeth to your final new smile. Clear thermoplastic aligners are created for you, and every 2 – 3 weeks you will advance to a new set as your teeth are gently moved into place. Evaluation is only every one or two months. Your total treatment time depends on your own correction and goals.

Advantages to Clear Aligners


There are specific advantages to wearing clear aligners. Discreetness is very important, and no one will ever know you are straightening your teeth. The aligners are only noticeable if someone looks at your teeth close up.



They are comfortable to wear because they’re one piece, and that means they do not need to be checked and adjusted on a frequent basis. Gone are the metal brackets bonded to your teeth and adjusted with wires. Headgear is also a thing of the past, and you will not have any type of mouth irritation with these advanced aligners.



You wear them all day and during sleep, but they are removable for eating and brushing and then replaced. You can eat whatever you like during your treatment time – absolutely no food restrictions!