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If you’re an athlete looking for maximum mouth protection, we can help you find the mouth guard that’ll meet all of your needs. There are many reasons why you might want to get one, and if you do, our team here at Lakeland Family Dentistry can help you out. Find out more about athletic mouth guards, why you should consider getting one and how we can help create yours for you by reading the guide below.

What Are Athletic Mouth Guards?Athletic Mouth Guard Flowood MS

Athletic mouth guards are worn by athletes and sports people competing in a range of sports, whether recreational or professional. The mouth guard acts as a buffer, protecting the teeth from any potential damage that might otherwise occur as a result of impact from a ball or falling when participating in sports or athletics.

As well as offering protection to the teeth, protection is also given to the tongue and cheeks. That’s because the mouth guard can stop a person from biting down on the tongue and teeth if there were to sustain a physical impact while playing sports. Some guards only cover the upper teeth but some can protect the lower jaw area too.

Why You Should Get One

The easy answer to this question is that it’ll protect you from damage to your teeth and mouth. If you’re playing a sport that requires a mouth guard, you should definitely use one. Even if a mouth guard isn’t demanded by the sport you choose to play, they can often still be beneficial as an extra precautionary layer of protection.

Trauma to the mouth and teeth can be very damaging and lead to lasting problems. Once a tooth has been lost, the only option is false teeth or treatments that cover and protect any remaining teeth that are damaged. These are situations that are best avoided, and that’s why athletic mouth guards perform such a vital function for sports players and athletes.

The Process of Having an Athletic Mouth Guard Made

The process of having a custom mouth guard made is relatively straightforward and shouldn't take too much of your time. Your dentist will, of course, need to take a mold and impression of your teeth because the guard needs to match the specific dimensions of your teeth and mouth.

Once that’s been done, they can make the mouth guard from the material that you choose. And from there, you’ll just need to use it when the situation demands. And be sure to keep it properly clean at all times, washing it before and after each use.

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